Corporate Profile

Investor's Relations

Mr. Rajesh Agrawal

With more than 30 years of experience in steel manufacturing.

He is innovative and has to his credit many new developments in the field of structural manufacturing. His knowledge in engineering is also praiseworthy.

Company has made remarkable progress in all spheres under his control.

As per him steel being a basic input infrastructure material- will grow and he is optimistic on the future of the company. 

Mr. Rajesh Agrawal                                    Executive Director – MD

Mr. Suresh Raman                                       Executive Director & CFO

Mrs. Rekha Agrawal                                   Executive Director

Mr. Uday Raj Singhania                             Non-Executive- Independent Director

Mr. Rajesh Lunia                                         Non-Executive-  Independent Director

Mr. Vanitha Rangaiah                                Non-Executive- Independent Director