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Current Job Offers


Years Experience: Minimum of 4 Years Working a Coding Developer

Requirements: AppSheet and AppsScript (google sheet)

  1. Knowledgable Expert in Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel
  2. Have Intermediate Maths Background
  3. Knows Pivot Table and IF Functions; preferable in Macros
  4. Setting timestamp, validations, and signature locking system
  5. Linking sheets through the Application Software:

Years Experience: 3-5 years experience as an assistant or secretary or office coordinator.


  1. Excellent Follow Up Skills
  2. Knowledgable in MS Office: Excel & Word
  3. Good with English and Hindi Language speaking and writing
  4. Preferably Graduated from a Secretarial College

A Female with Min. 2 Years of Experience dealing with Clients

Role & Responsibility:

  1. Maintaining relationship with Clients
  2. Regular follow-up with Clients
  3. Have little knowledge of Microsoft Office: excel
  4. Knows English & Hindi

Maintenance Incharge for Structure Rolling Mill

Years Experience: Min. 15-20 years

Role & Responsibility: Managing Structural Rolling Mill, EOT Crane, Conveyor.

Transport Maintenance Head for In-House & Outside

Years Experience: Min. 15 years in steel industries or related to transport industries.

Role & Responsibility:

  1. Repairing and maintenance of hydra, tractor, JCB, truck, trailor, loader.
  2. Directing, coordinating, planning and overseeing tasks and operations within an organisation as well as outside of the organisation involving transportation activities.
  3. They are required to ensure the legal requirements for road haulage are met. Documentation of vehicle’s are properly maintained and keep then updated